You’ve scheduled your appointment,now what?


Get your bikini wax and any other body part wax out of the way. This will allow the pores to close back up before you get your tan. So, what happens if you don’t leave at least 24 hours between waxing and tanning? Girl, you don’t want to know!
Get your mani/pedi before the session, otherwise the acetone the nail salons are using will brush off some of your tan. …not pretty!
Exfoliate thoroughly and lotion up! Exfoliation removes all the dead skin and the moisturizer will allow for the tan to be more even and last longer.


We recommend tanning two day prior to any event. Before your appointment shower and remove any body lotion, moisturizer, perfume, deodorant and makeup. All these items create a barrier between your skin and the spray tan and your tan will not absorb properly. Don’t use bar soap of any kind or any oily products as they will leave a layer on your skin.
Exfoliate again! Be sure to use “pre-tan” or “sunless tanning” exfoliator as most exfoliators out there have moisturizer in them.


Wear loose, dark clothing.
Don’t get wet or shower for at least 8 hours with the custom airbrush spray tan and 4-6 hours with the Express. This part can be annoying, especially overnight since the spray tan can rub off on sheets, but it’s all worth it. Just make sure they aren't white!
Avoid any exercise, house cleaning that can make you sweat. (How often do you hear that?!)


Moisturize after every shower.
Avoid long hot baths, facials, exfoliations, microdermabrasions etc.
Try not to use any shaving / hair removal creams, anti acne products and pore strips.
Use a gentle PH balanced shower gel and avoid rough bath poufs. When drying after a shower, pat your skin dry instead of rubbing

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